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Wage Garnishments

An IRS Wage Garnishment means that the IRS is taking money directly out of your wages, salary or commissions. This is considered an IRS Enforced Collection and 100% of wages can be seized. 

Employers are required by law to abide by an IRS Wage Garnishment. Once an IRS Wage Garnishment is served and enforced the garnishment continues until your IRS tax liability is paid in full. 

To halt having wages garnished you will need IRS Power of Attorney protection because the IRS seizes wages without regard for your personal living or business needs.

The IRS also can garnish the following direct payments:

Federal Retirement Annuities

Social Security Benefits under Title II of the Social Security Act (OASDI)

Unemployment Benefits

Strategic Tax Planning Tax Attorneys can stop IRS Wage Garnishments should you act immediately.

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